My vocation, as an Elephant Consultant, was first realised in the fifties when I was twenty three and had just finished my degree in astro-zooology. I was lookinng for something to do with my new degree. The options for Astro-zoologist graduates at that time were limited, the career moves that most of my collegues had made was to start their own consultancies, or to become post graduates. Neither of these appealed to me and I decided to visit some relatives who live in Cape Town.

It was here that my interests in elephants were first aroused. I, like many people in this day and age, had assumed that all elephants were large and cumbersome beasts who roamed the plains. This point of view had been enforced from an early age, the over-sized and over-fed elephants in zoos had been vital in fooling me into this point of view. I was astonished to find elephants living under the floor boards in my cousin's house.

Since then I have spent my time observing elephants, photographing them, and reporting on their day to day behaviour. I wholeheartedly believe that people deserve to know more about these sensitive, small and loving creatures. Ther point to my life is the further investigation of elephants, my love of Astro-zoology (and lately Astro-physiology) and my devotion to my wife, Sarah, and children, James, Alister, Linda, Simon, Alexander, Jane, Joseph, Letti and Tessa.

Dr. X